marketing communications & business support

that wins life-long customers

for family-owned businesses

Training your team 

Your staff really wants to make your organization successful!

Markus MP will train them to create digital marketing campaigns, blogs, social media posts, web content, marketing and promotional materials, press releases and press kits. We provide scripts, templates and checklists that make it easy to keep your marketing plan on track. 

Marketing and public relations 

No staff, no worries!

We will work with you to create strategic marketing, public relations and social media campaigns that enhance your brand and reputation. We'll coordinate design and supervise production of your marketing and promotional materials via our All-My-Yesterdays project, social media campaigns, and event materials (invitation, program, etc.)


Business writing and support

Promote your business to your customers, partners and vendors!

Let Markus MP write your business communications, proposals, marketing brochures, newsletters, e-mail campaigns,

sales memos, etc. We also provide back office support services such as customer data-base creation and management. We recommend for women business-owners. 


Crisis communications

Unexpected situations or disasters happen,

but you need to focus on keeping your operations running! 

Every organization needs a crisis communications plan that keeps key stakeholders informed.

Contact Markus MP to develop your unique plan.

We'll provide step-by-step training for your staff, partners and affiliated vendors.

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